Working Capital to Build the Future

Fellows Program

The Chicago ArchAngels, a preeminent angel group involved in businesses around the country, is proud to offer an unprecedented course training in angel and venture investing. This year-long program provides Chicago ArchAngels Fellows the opportunity to gather insight and strategies from a prominent group of professionals who are thoroughly accomplished in the field of angel and venture investing. This course will provide hands-on experience in evaluating business and pitch reviews, along with case studies, while building relations with top experts working in the investment field.

You Are Invited

This valuable training will enhance entrepreneurial skills, making you a great candidate for startups, jobs in investment firms or a skilled analyst in angel groups. You will broaden your career and business networks through the Chicago ArchAngels’ growing national and international connections.

Applications will begin February for a program start of March 2018, with rolling admissions. Upon completion of the 12-month program, graduate Fellows will be expertly navigating the complex enterprise of startup companies.

Aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply. The Chicago ArchAngels course will be an invaluable platform to present new business ideas for in-depth review and support.

The program is open to U.S. citizens and foreign nationals. Applicants of varying skills are invited to apply. Please first review the information brochure listed below, and then contact Suzanne Reade at for more information.