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Alex Golod

Results driven IT Executive, Angel Investor, and a Global Technology Sourcing Expert with over 20 years in Technology field. Alex brings a strong technical and entrepreneurial lens to business via his extensive experience in corporate (Motorola, GGP) and private business (Intetics, Waverley Software) executive roles. Alex served on the board of European Advisory Board of International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) while participating in multiple speaking engagements across North American Chapters of IAOP. Alex is a seasoned speaker on topics of Outsourcing and Angel/Alternative Investing, having shared his experience and guidance at multiple engagements: Kyiv Outsourcing Forum 2018, Exit Planning Institute, Outsource People 2017 and 2016 in Poland and Ukraine, AP Outsourcing Summit in Singapore, and multiple other conferences across the globe. Alex has been featured in several publications such as Enterprise Services Outlook, IEEE Computer Magazine, CruxialCIO and more. Currently Alex serves as an advisor, mentor (2112 Creative Incubator, Starta Ventures, Quake Capital), and an angel investor for multiple US and global technology centric startups. Also, Alex is an active member at Chicago ArchAngels, group providing risk capital to for early stage and seed stage innovative companies in the Midwest and around North America, as well as a member of AngelsBand, first Belarusian Business Angel Network.