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Washington DC ArchAngels

The Washington DC ArchAngels is a collaborating partner of Ventana Capital, Irvine, CA and a Chapter of the Orange County Archangels and Private Capital Network (California).

Members include high-energy private investors and investment leaders that work almost exclusively with enterprises with exceptional growth potential in the global marketplace. Their investments span a wide range of funding levels and include most industries, but all focus on “best-of-the-best” companies with multiple revenue streams. Members continuously seek out new companies with high growth potential from across the nation and the globe, and then assist selected companies to increase their investment potential and success. Members actively provide companies the resources needed to accelerate rapid growth and create attractive opportunities for acquisitions and IPOs.

An advisory board guides the Washington DC ArchAngels. Board members are serial entrepreneurs (those with extensive experience in creating, building and exiting a business) or represent venture capital firms or local groups of angel investors. All have a broad-based national business network of investment partners and business development experts, and several actively work with investors in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Members’’ net worth ranges from SEC accreditation to several hundred million dollars.

Washington DC ArchAngels’ membership is limited and invitation-only.

For more information, please visit their website.